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Current Conditions at the AstroMarina Observatory
Weather Underground PWS IBURLING12

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Data Background: These next (4) images are the most recent from NOAA geostationary (GOES) satellites. Click on the Image to open in another page and zoom in.

The First Image (below) is a multispectral product composed of True Color (using a simulated green component) during the daytime, and an Infrared product that uses bands 7 and 13 at night.

The Second Image (below) is taken in the infrared band of light and show relative warmth of objects. Colder objects are brighter and warmer objects are darker. Lower layers of clouds, generally warmer and lower in altitude, are colored gray. Colder and generally higher clouds tops are highlighted in colors. Infrared imagery is useful for determining cloud features both at day and night.

The Third Image (below) is taken in visible light, or how the human eye would see from the satellite. Sunrise and set can be tracked in this image.

 The Fourth Image (below) is used for mid and upper-level tropospheric water vapor tracking.